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PE CPS for teachers
The Importance of PE CPD for Teachers

In a rapidly rising world of tech, fast food and convenience, our responsibility to deliver engaging, active and high-quality PE across all key stages has never been more important. While CPD is vital across all subjects, in PE the holistic approach to physical fitness as well as mental well-being and social development makes it particularly […]

3 Top Tips for Teaching KS2 Dance

Recently, we covered our three top tips for teaching KS1 Dance. Now, in this blog post, we move onto KS2 Dance! According to the curriculum, KS2 children should be given the opportunity to develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance. At this stage, children are expected to be able to perform dances using a range […]

3 Top Tips for Teaching KS1 Dance

KS1 Dance is your first opportunity to really introduce children to Dance PE - here are our top tips for starting on a high!