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primary pe planning
5 Primary PE Planning Ideas to get a Head Start Next Term

Wow… We’re almost done! The school year is nearly over, and soon all you’ll have to concentrate on is summer trips away, glasses of wine on an evening and which boxset to binge. But wait… Yes, the new school year in September may be a long way off. But what if you were able to […]

Girl running with a class behind her
Summer Term Athletics: Running & Sprinting Games

Athletics is such an important part of the PE curriculum. It is rewarding, engaging and allows children to recognise and celebrate success; plus is an easy topic to deliver! As a discipline within Athletics, running and sprinting is fun and exciting, but also has huge benefits!!

Primary school sports day race
Sports Day Activities in School: Top 10

Sports Day season is here! This blog offers some inspiration, top tips and enthusiasm to help you plan the best Sports Day yet!