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Sports Day Training


Get ready to host your best sports day yet! With our Sports Day training, we’ll help you create an amazing Sports Day programme, complete with a full sports day pack containing everything you need for a wonderful day. Scroll down to see how our Sports Day training works!

Stage 1: PE Coordinator Consultation

Your school will be allocated one of our specialist instructors who will gather information such as…

  • Choice of Sports Day theme (traditional/Olympic/fun/competitive/etc).
  • Available facilities.
  • Staff expectations.
  • Timetables
  • Equipment

Stage 2: A bespoke sports day programme

Based on your initial consultation, your instructor will create an active, engaging programme that suits your pupils, staff and facilities.

They will produce rotations and timetable for the day, staff packs, scoresheets, risk assessment and a clear step by step guide for your PE Coordinator to prepare the day.

Stage 3: Pre-sports day teaching resources

The key to a smooth Sports Day is preparation!

Your instructor will send a pre-sports day pack to all class teachers with simple session plans to follow so classes can practise their events before the big day.

Stage 4: Your sports day pack

Your instructor will send a bespoke sports day pack to school with everything you need to run the perfect event.  The pack contains…

  • Teacher guides.
  • Pupil team badges.
  • Class rotations and school maps.
  • Scoresheets.
  • Certificates & prizes.
  • We even provide your clipboards!

Stage 5: Pre-sports day meeting

A day or so before your Sports Day, your instructor will meet you online to ensure you have everything required to deliver a seamless event. We will answer any questions and will check…

  • Risk Assessment complete.
  • Equipment checked and ready.
  • All teachers prepared with their packs.
  • Children allocated into teams.
  • Scorecards in order.
  • Playing areas checked and accessible.
  • Prizes organised and ready.


1 Form Entry Schools


2 Form Entry Schools

+ £177

3 Form Entry Schools

+ £315

Larger than 3 Form Entry

+ £406
  • Dedicated Sports Day Specialist
  • Online consultation meetings
  • A bespoke Sports Day programme to suit pupils, staff and facilities
  • Teacher packs, risk assessments, timetables and scoresheets
  • Certificates, medals and teacher packs posted to school
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