Rugby World Cup: The Value of Tag Rugby Lessons

Published on 9th September, 2023

In this blog post, we’ll cover the importance of introducing rugby at a young age, and how using the Rugby World Cup as a theme can make tag rugby lessons even more exciting!

This weekend sees the start of the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Held every four years, it’s the premier international tournament for the sport, bringing teams together from around the world – and provides plenty of daily rugby action on our TV screens!

Winning the Rugby World Cup is considered the pinnacle of achievement in international rugby. The excitement this tournament brings can be used to your benefit, inspiring children in tag rugby lessons

We’ve shown before how you can bring some of the spirit of the Six Nations Championship into tag rugby lessons. In this blog post, we’ll cover the importance of introducing rugby at a young age, and how using the Rugby World Cup as a theme can make tag rugby lessons even more exciting!

What is tag rugby

Tag rugby is a modified version of traditional rugby, allowing primary school children to play rugby without contact. Instead, a velcro tag is attached to each player’s belt and the aim is to pull the tag off an opponent’s belt, signalling a ‘tackle’ – or ‘tag.’

Additionally, the rules of tag rugby are more simple than standard rugby, to make it easier for young children to follow. Tag rugby focuses on fundamental aspects of the game, such as running, passing and teamwork, without the complexities of scrums and rucks.

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The benefits of teaching tag rugby in primary schools

Tag rugby lessons provide opportunities for children to master basic movements and develop fundamental motor skills such as running, jumping, catching and throwing, as well as developing balance, agility and coordination. 

Playing tag rugby is great for developing teamwork, too; it’s a sport that requires players to work together towards a common goal – scoring ties. This fosters a sense of cooperation, teaching children to function as part of a team.

Tag rugby also instils values like respect and sportsmanship in children. By playing tag rugby, they will learn to respect opponents and teammates – which is a key aspect in the Physical Education National Curriculum Purpose of Study.

Incorporating the Rugby World Cup in PE lessons

Incorporate the excitement of the Rugby World Cup into tag rugby lessons, and you can create a dynamic and memorable learning experience for children! Here are some ideas for themed tag rugby lessons:

  • World Cup Tag Rugby Tournament! Organise a mini Rugby World Cup tournament at the end of a Tag Rugby unit of work with your class, or even across the whole school. Divide the class into teams, and assign each team a Rugby World Cup nation to represent. They could create banners and flags to add to the excitement!
  • Try-scoring challenge! Create a Try Scoring Challenge. During ICT, or as homework, challenge pupils to find the most exiting or skilled try scored. Then in PE try emulate the chosen tries. Set up cones to represent a try line, and have children take turns running, dodging and scoring tries by placing the ball down within the designated area.
  • Team spirit! Divide the class into teams and encourage them to come up with chants and flags representing their chosen Rugby World Cup nations!
  • World Cup-themed relays! Design relay races with a Rugby World Cup twist. Instead of batons, children must use rugby balls!

The benefits of tag rugby after the World Cup

Tag rugby isn’t just a game, it’s a stepping stone to a lifelong love for sport and physical activity. Introduce children to the fundamentals of rugby in a safe and inclusive manner, and you’ll provide them with the tools to stay active, healthy and engaged with sport throughout their lives.

The reduced physical contact and emphasis on skills development make tag rugby an ideal choice for primary school settings. And, the Rugby World Cup is the perfect vehicle to get children excited about PE lessons. 

So, let the games begin!

We hope you enjoy the Rugby World Cup, and find many ways to make your tag rugby lessons topical. Please do let us know how you get on!

The Rugby World Cup 2023, hosted by France, starts Friday 8th September. All the home nations… England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have qualified, and we wish them the best of luck throughout the tournament! You can find out more here.