The Six Nations Championship

published on 14th March, 2022

The final round for the 2022 Six Nations Championships is coming up this weekend, with France and Ireland currently sitting at the top of the table.
France is undefeated, including beating Ireland in the second round. But with Ireland’s high scoring results in their other games, this weekend will decide who takes the Championship.
France play Scotland, and Ireland face England.

Why not bring a little bit of the history and spirit into your class with some of our Six Nations Rugby Activities.

The Six Nations Championships is the oldest international rugby tournament in the world, dating back to 1883.

It is an annual competitive Rugby Union tournament, which starts at the beginning of February every year and runs through to the middle of March. Each Nation hosts their home fixtures at a stadium in their capital city.

The six nations involved, are England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, and Italy. The competition is organised through Six Nations Championships, who work with the governing bodies of each nation to help develop rugby at all levels and ensure the best possible future for the game.

Up until 2000, the competition was known as the Home Nations Championship, and only included England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

England and Wales have won the most titles, with 39 each. Wales has won the most recent in 2021.

The Six Nations also organise a Women’s Championships, which started in 1996, and a U20s (2008) and includes the same six nations competing.

In the Women’s competition, England have won 17 out of the 26 competitions, including in 2021.

Try our Six Nations Quiz below with your class to test their knowledge. Let us know how they get on using our twitter or Facebook page.

Six Nations Quiz

1. 1883-2000, the competition was known as ‘The Home Nations Championship’ as it was only against the four home nations. Can you name the four? (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)

2. Who won the Men’s Six Nations Championship in 2021? (Wales)

3. Is this tournament Rugby Union or Rugby League? (Rugby Union)

4. Which nation has won the Women’s championship the most? (England – 17 times)

5. If you win the metaphorical ‘Wooden Spoon’ Award, what does it mean? (You finished in last place)

6. Each Nation has a stadium which their home fixtures are played. Where is the English Stadium? (Twickenham, London)

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