PE Lesson Plans to Celebrate the World Gymnastics Championships

Published on 30th September, 2023

Teaching children about the World Gymnastics Championships will only bolster the benefits the subject brings. Here’s why we believe you should cover this important sporting event..

Female World Gymnastics Championships

The World Artistic Gymnastics Championships begin on Saturday, 30th September. Held in Antwerp, Belgium, where the first Championships took place in 1903, the event unites athletes from across the globe. For primary school teachers, it’s a fantastic way to demonstrate to children the excitement of gymnastics, of world sporting events, as well as valuable lessons in physical fitness.

Plus, it’s a great opportunity to try our brand new gymnastics PE lesson plans!

Why should you teach children about the World Gymnastics Championships?

Gymnastics is an essential element of PE, and we cover the reasons why in this blog post. Therefore, teaching children about the World Gymnastics Championships will only bolster the benefits the subject brings. Here’s why we believe you should cover this important sporting event:

It promotes physical fitness and coordination: By introducing children to this key gymnastics event, you can inspire them to engage in physical activities and in turn develop essential motor skills.

It provides cultural awareness: The World Gymnastics Championships is a global event that brings together athletes from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It’s a great opportunity to teach your class about different countries, traditions and values.

It demonstrates determination and perseverance: Gymnastics champions don’t achieve their success overnight! They put in years of hard work and dedication. That makes the World Gymnastics Championships a great lesson in goal setting, working hard towards that goal despite the challenges, and the rewards of determination.

It highlights the importance of gender equality: Gymnastics is one of the few sports where male and female athletes receive equal attention and respect. This can help you introduce discussions about why equality is important in empowering all individuals to work towards their goals.

Male World Gymnastics Championships

Introducing the World Gymnastics Championships to your class

The World Gymnastics Championships is an awe-inspiring showcase of human capability and grace. The World Gymnastics Championships are held for different disciplines, and one of the fascinating aspects is the diversity of the skills and techniques showcased. Disciplines featured include artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline gymnastics and aerobic gymnastic, as well as acrobatic gymnastics and Parkour. Each discipline hold their own championship.

Here’s a bit more about each of the disciplines…

Artistic gymnastics: Probably the most iconic, and the event currently being held in Belgium. Featuring routines on apparatus such as the floor, vault, uneven bars and balance beam. Gymnasts combine strength, flexibility and artistic flair to create amazing routines.

Rhythmic gymnastics: Often performed with hoops, ribbons and balls, rhythmic gymnastics adds an artistic, dance-like element to the event.

Tumbling, double mini-trampoline and trampolining (including synchronised trampolining): These disciplines focus on powerful routines – think gravity-defying flips and twists! Athletes soaring through the air, executing flips and twists with incredible precision and control! 

Aerobic gymnastics: This high-intensity discipline combines dance and aerobic elements to create energetic, captivating routines! A true test of endurance and creativity. Events include individuals, trios and groups.

Acrobatic gymnastics: Performed in pairs or groups this discipline focus on two main areas – balance and dynamics. Balance routines requires huge amounts of strength and flexibility. Dynamic routines include somersaults, throws and catches.

Parkour: The newest discipline, first held in 2022. This is a fast-paced discipline, where performers have to move through a course in the quickest way possible. This event often take place outdoors and movements can include climbing, jumping, flipping, and rolling.

PE lesson plans and the World Gymnastics Championships 

Our brand new gymnastics PE lesson plans will be the perfect way to get children excited about the World Gymnastics Championships, and gymnastics in general! These lesson plans have been completely re-worked to make them more fun and engaging for children, and easier for you, the teacher, to deliver.

We’ve taken a few activities from our new gymnastics lesson plans which could be used to mark and celebrate the World Gymnastics Championships. There are far more great examples when you download the plans!

1. Artistic Gymnastics

Gymnastics Lesson Plan - Apparatus

Parts of Artistic gymnastics requires specialist apparatus, but your children could create their own take on the moves exhibited at the World Gymnastics Championships using Gymnastic mats and any school apparatus available. Artistic gymnastics is all about strength, flexibility, and balance. As long as the moves are performed with control and technique, children can work within their abilities to create their own artistic movements to impress.

2. Rhythmic Gymnastics

This hand apparatus, skill development activity, is all about artistic movement and could be progressed by performing to music to perfectly represent rhythmic gymnastics.

Gymnastics Lesson Plan - Hand Apparatus

3. Tumbling, double mini-trampoline and trampolining (including synchronised trampolining)

Gymnastics Lesson Plan - Skipping Sequence

Challenge children to create skipping sequences with a partner, performing in unison, just like synchronised trampolining. Allow the class to perform their sequences to others, creating a scoring system out of 10, with more points being scored for good technique and performing elements in time with each other.

4. Aerobic Gymnastics

Use our Sequence development lesson plan to challenge your pupils to create a group routine to a fast beat song.  It’s an opportunity for them to showcase their skills, control and precision. Let them know you want to see technique, creativity and smooth transitions between moves – just like with the real athletes! 

Gymnastics Lesson Plan - Sequence Development

5. Acrobatic Gymnastics

Gymnastics Lesson Plan - Partner Balances

Partner and group balances are a great opportunity for children to combine balance, poise, and creativity – all vital in acrobatic gymnastics. Plus, your pupils will love a lesson based on learning new balances with their friends!

6. Parkour

Children will probably be aware of Parkour, but not know that it is now a recognised discipline by the International Gymnastics Federation. Set up an obstacle course, using various pieces of equipment and challenge children to move through the course is quick, creative ways.

Obstacle Course illustration - Linked to Gymnastics Lesson Plans - Parkour

So what are you waiting for?!

The World Gymnastics Championships provide a captivating and educational experience. By incorporating the values, themes and challenges demonstrated by these remarkable athletes into PE lessons, we can inspire our young learners to reach their own potential!

If you need any help with following our PE lesson plans, have any suggestions for future inclusion in our lesson plans, or would like to give us some feedback on the lesson plans – please get in touch!

Plus – we’d love to hear how you celebrated the World Gymnastics Championships!