Home Learning Expectations: PE at home

published on 22th December, 2020

For children at home self-isolating, there is now an expectation for schools to have the capacity to offer immediate, remote education.

Schools are expected to consider how to continue to improve the quality of their existing curriculum, for example through technology. As well as that, schools are expected to have a strong offer in place for remote education provision.

What are the home learning expectations?

The expectations include…

  • Teaching a planned and well sequenced curriculum
  • Access to high quality online and offline resources and teaching videos
  • Publish information for pupils, parents and carers about their remote education provision on their website
  • Set meaningful and ambitious work each day in a number of different subjects
  • Set work that is of the same length that pupils would receive in school (a minimum of 3 hours per day for Primary School pupils)
  • Check, at least weekly, whether pupils are engaging with their work

We have considered the above expectations when creating our free home-learning activities.  Our members are welcome to use our PE home-learning resources to provide their families with a quality PE curriculum whilst self-isolating.

We will continue to update our pages with the latest Government guidance.  You can see the guidance for yourself here.

If you need any help with preparing plans for PE at home, we’re more than happy to assist where we can. You can send the PE Planning team a message by clicking Contact at the top of this page.