What’s New for You at PE Planning?

published on 21th September, 2022

In preparation for the new school year that’s now started, at PE Planning we’ve been busy! Here’s a quick update of what’s new on the PE Planning website…

Knowledge checks

In reflection of the Ofsted PE review earlier this year, we have added some important guidance in every single lesson plan!  Few… it was a mammoth task, but so worthwhile.  Ofsted suggest that the focus of KNOWLEDGE is the defining difference between physical activity/sport and PE, so we have added knowledge checks to every plan to ensure teachers can demonstrate children’s knowledge development throughout every lesson.  You can find out more about the Ofsted PE review here.

Curriculum and Mapping Documents

The other changes in response to the Ofsted PE review are to our PE Curriculum and Mapping documents.  We have incorporated Ofsted’s ‘Pillars of Progression’ into our INTENT documents and emphasised the importance of Motor Competence in early years.  Our IMPLEMENTATION documents also cover the ‘Pillars of Progression’, as well as the ‘Declarative’ and ‘Procedural’ Knowledge.  Our blog of the review should help explain these important additions to our PE Curriculum.

Assessment Documents – now in Word format!

Again, to reflect the Ofsted PE review, we have updated all our ‘Assessment Documents’.  You now have the choice of assessing the whole class, or individual pupils, and all our assessment documents are now available in Microsoft Word format to make life easier with copying and pasting!

New ‘PE Rules & Expectations’ lessons

You will see there is a new section in our additional resources. Hopefully you will find these lessons a useful, active and fun way to set out your PE rules and expectations of all pupils during PE.

What’s next at PE Planning?

Our focus for the next few months is to develop the following resources…

  • Creating a ‘More About This Unit’ section for every Unit of Work to help teachers make informed choices about the sports they deliver.
  • Publishing a second Unit of Gymnastics lesson plans for every year group.
  • Breaking our Mapping documents into Year Groups as well as Key Stages.

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