School Events Calendar

Published on 1th March, 2022

There is always an event or activity in the school calendar and topics often vary from local events to national and even international holidays.

If one thing is for sure, it’s that primary schools are busy places.  There is always an event or activity in the school calendar and topics often vary from local events to national and even international holidays.

Celebration and special awareness days can offer fun and valuable learning opportunities in school, but it can also seem that there’s a ‘national holiday’ every day, for everything!

When deciding what topics to discuss with your class, or in your school, here’s a few points to consider…

  • What is relevant to your pupils? (location, demographic, other curriculum topics, etc.)
  • Is there a clear learning or awareness opportunity?
  • What are the benefits of the topic to your pupils?

It is important to offer a wide variety of opportunities throughout the school year; whether it be religious celebrations, sporting events, national holidays, awareness days or cultural festivities.

With so many topics, and the endless list of appreciation days, it can become overwhelming to choose the best focus area for your class.  So it important to plan ahead. Leave enough time to discuss topics and prepare activities that will have the most positive impact on your pupils.

Additional Resources

In our resources section we have a calendar to help you choose the best current topics to celebrate.  We are constantly updating and adding to this resource to offer a wide range of events for you.

Let’s have a look at a few of the topics…

World Book Day

World Book Day is a registered charity and this year celebrates its 25th year with the message “you are a reader”.

Their aim is to encourage children to read more.  The charity gives every child in education a voucher to buy a book of their choice; knowing that reading expands vocabulary, offers learning opportunities, improves concentration levels and helps creativity.  Celebrated in the United Kingdom and Ireland, this National Holiday is held on the first Thursday in March.

There is a World Book Day celebrated across the World, organised by UNESCO, on the 23rd April, but the UK chose to celebrate their own WBD as the April date falls in the Easter Holidays.

Some children may feel it is more fun to run around and play games than to read a book.  We have therefore combined physically active games with WBD awareness to engage children into the wonderful world of reading.  Take a look at our World Book Day resources here.  We would love to hear your feedback.

International Friendship Day

The International Day of Friendship was created by the United Nations.  It is celebrated on the 30th July every year and promotes the role that friendship plays in bringing peace between many different backgrounds.

The UN encourages governments and communities to hold events to promote solidarity and cross-cultural understanding across the World.

This is an opportunity for schools to raise awareness of the importance of building and keeping friendships.  Friendships develop empathy and compassion in children and help them become more selfless and aware of other people’s situations.  It can help bridge the gap between people of different cultures, religions, race, and backgrounds.

We feel that now more than ever, this is a topic the world needs and have therefore created PE resources to start at grass-roots.  With all that is happening in Europe right now, we recommend that schools don’t wait until July to focus on this crucial topic.

Football World Cup

2022 is Football World Cup year!  The tournament is being held in Qatar. It is the first football world cup to be held outside of the summer months. It is being held in November and December due to the extreme conditions of the West Asian climate.

There will be a lot of excitement around this tournament with England getting to the final at the Euros. England have already qualified, but we will have to wait for the play offs to find out if Wales or Scotland will be joining Southgate’s boys.

You can find our World Cup Resources in the November page.  The games are fun, easy to follow and will really help to engage children into the event.  Play these games as a special reward… and to help bring football home!

We hope you enjoy all our calendar resources.  We are always adding to these so please keep a look out for new topics and additional resources.

If you have any suggestions, or ideas for events you’d like us to focus on please don’t hesitate to get in touch.