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Scottish and English pupils are back!…

Scottish pupils are returning to school today and English pupils on 8th March. And the best part, we can get straight on with PE…

Children in dance lessons
Teaching Dance – It’s Not That Daunting

You might not ‘think’ you are a Choreographer, but once you know a few key rules, your pupils will be amazed…

Differentiation in PE: the most affective piece of equipment

Some of us have been around long enough to know that differentiation and consideration of every child has improved significantly in recent years.

children playing no pe kit
No PE Kit… again! Considerations for setting a policy

“it’s my Mum’s fault, she didn’t pack it”… Sound familiar? Some children will persistently “forget” their PE kit. But is there more to this than meets the eye? And should these children be left out of PE lessons?

Classroom pe games
Windy, rainy, no hall…? Try classroom PE games

Whoever designed primary schools, didn’t have PE and the British weather at the forefront of their minds. And now with extended lunchtimes for Social Distancing, does this mean no PE in the winter months?