PE at Home – and its importance

published on 20th January, 2021

“Fewer children and young people were active during the 2020 summer term than in 2019.”…

This statement (taken from the Active Lives Children Survey Academic Year 19-20 Report) is a sobering revelation that really could have a negative impact on children’s lives for years to come.

The Active Lives Children Survey provides statistics showing children between 3-11 have seen a notable drop in sporting activity, leaving them feeling less confident and competent.

At the moment, over 55% of children and young people are not meeting the Chief Medical Officer guidelines of taking part in sport and physical activity for an average of 60 minutes or more every day. In fact, 31% (which is a huge 2.3m children) do less than an average of 30 minutes per day.

These disheartening statistics are another sad reality of the impact of this pandemic, the school closures and national lockdowns.

Not being active leaves children and young people at risk of becoming unhealthy. It also increases the risk of developing health issues that can lead to obesity.

With the lack of physical activity, along with the national lockdown and school closures, we understand the massive impact this could also have on the mental wellbeing of children, and their parents.

What can we do about it?

As teachers, we are passionate about children leading healthy lifestyles and feel a responsibility to do what we can to help.

We want to demonstrate to families across the nation that YOU CAN be active, regardless of resources, space or equipment.

At PE Planning, we are stacked out creating and updating our Home-Learning PE page.  Our PE at home resources are specifically designed to be played in small spaces with no or minimal (household) equipment.

We have categorised all our games to help you find what you are looking for. Whether it be a garden game, an activity at the kitchen table, family fitness or even living-room dance.

Fun is high up on our list when we create our resources. However, so is ensuring learning is taking place in line with the National Curriculum.

Daily PE

Our brand new daily PE activities have been created following the DfE Home Learning Expectations. They aim to encourage children to be active every day.

Our website currently hosts ‘Circuit Training’ and ‘Gymnastics’. Plus, every week during this third lockdown will see topics such as Games, Dance and Boxercise being added.

Our Daily PE is a video PE lesson, delivered by one of our PE Specialists. These lessons are accompanied by lesson plans with easy-to-follow illustrations and clear instructions.  Our videos show how easy it is to take part in fun activities in a small space such as a living room.

These resources are uploaded daily and will remain in our Home-Learning PE resource section. You can be access them, for free, at any time.

However, if you think we’re missing any PE at home resources or PE lesson plans, let us know. Our aim is to make teachers’ lives easier!


Please help us to help as many children as possible by sharing our PE at home link. The link can be shared on your websites and home learning platforms, as well as your social media.  They are free to access, and no login or sign up is required.

We are sharing, posting, tweeting and uploading resources across our social media. To keep up to date follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Thank you for reading. Please help us spread the word.

All PE Planning home learning resources can be found HERE.